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Auctions for Ukraine

On June 24, 2022 participation in the Auction in favor of child victims of the War in Ukraine

Gift of the work Mirage, acrylic on canvas 100x 81 cm.

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A painter exhibits at the castle

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The young artist sAn illuminates the gallery with the impact of the colors contained in her works. 
© Photo NR

It is in the cozy atmosphere of the café-gallery Hippolyte-de-Béthune, within the castle of Selles-sur-Cher that sAn has chosen to exhibit his works. This professional artist, who has lived in the nearby village of Poulaines (Indre) for several years, has been passionate about painting and drawing since her childhood. After a university education in plastic arts and art history, she obtained a master's degree and a capes in 2010 then taught until 2018 while developing her pictorial practice which earned her several prizes. She exhibits regularly in the Paris region and in her region of life: Chabris, Argenton-sur-Creuse, Touraine...
“It is first in the observation of nature, of its lights that my desire to create and transcribe my environment was born. I broke away from figurative models to get closer to abstract, intuitive painting where emotion and chance have a privileged place. The skies of Berry have often inspired me,” says sAn. During the opening on Saturday, December 18, the curator of the exhibition Thierry Liù indicated that the event was put online in China via the Artron arts edition and that a painting had already found a buyer. Finally, the owner of the premises, Nicolas Mazessi expressed the wish “that the Hippolyte gallery become a vector for the transmission of art for the people of Sellois. » 
Exhibition until January 14, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., every day except Monday and Tuesday. Café-gallery Hippolyte-de-Béthune, 1, place du Château 41130 Selles-sur-Cher. Such. 

Selles-sur-Cher: sAn is exhibited at the castle during the holidays

Image le petit solognot.jpg

Until January 14, 2022, the castle of Selles-sur-Cher hosts the paintings of the painter sAn, alias Sandra Boussion, resident of Poulaines. The paintings of this young artist are exhibited in the Hippolyte café at the entrance to the castle and illuminate the large reception room. 

The twenty canvases of all sizes open a window onto his imaginary and fantastic world, with a perfect mastery of pictorial techniques in acrylic, sAn is a Capes d'Arts Plastiques graduate. After a journey of realistic and hyper-realistic paintings, the young woman has wanted for three years to give free rein to her imagination, and makes us dizzy with her colors, perspectives and always extreme movements. The theme of the exhibition sets the tone: Cosmic hurricanes! To see and buy at low prices.

Cosmic Hurricanes - By Yves KOBRY

sAn is a young 38-year-old painter who after having pursued studies of plastic arts and art history, after having taught and after having practiced a hyperrealist painting, embarked on an abstract painting from 2018. or semi abstract, at least in an extreme painting. Extreme dynamics, extreme palette, extreme perspective. Painting of science fiction or rather of nature fiction where the impressions, the perceived sensations are transfigured by the dream, the imagination, as if carried away by a chromatic storm. The titles of his paintings are eloquent "Mondes engoutis", "Univers boréals", the escape of light ", Limbes bleues"… In other words, the nature which is at the source of his inspiration is transcended by the supernatural. However the artist tames his feverish imagination by his know-how and a great technical mastery, both by a balanced composition, a learned perspective  than by the shade of complementary colors.  

By this cosmic and surreal dimension the painting of sAn  brings to mind the abstract canvases of Frantisek Kupka and Robert Delaunay.

Yves kobry     

Yves Kobry is an art historian, art critic, independent curator. Member of the IAIS since 1988.

Curator of the exhibition "Vienne start of a century" at the Pompidou center in 1986 with Jean Clair.

Directed the Musée Galerie de la SEITA from 1990 to 1995, where he curated the Schiele and Pascin exhibitions.

Collaborated with the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris in the exhibitions "  Thirties, the threatening weather ”  in 1996 and Bonnard in 2006.

Was curator of the Pascin exhibitions in 2006 at the Maillol museum and “Russian constructivism.  Towards new shores ”in 2008 in this same museum.

Contributed to the magazines "Beaux Arts Magazine", "l'œil", "Connaissance des Arts", "Les Lettres Françaises".

Wrote numerous prefaces for exhibition catalogs

Universe in resonance: Painting of sAn

Through  Cecile Vrain  Written on 09/12/2021 (last modification on 09/12/2021)

sAn is a young 38-year-old painter, born in Champigny sur Marne and who has lived for 3 years in Poulaines in Indre, a village near the castle of Selles-sur-Cher, that of the great collectors in their time, Philippe de Béthune and his son Hippolyte.


sAn is a young 38-year-old painter, born in Champigny sur Marne and who has lived for 3 years in Poulaines in Indre, a village near the castle of Selles-sur-Cher, that of the great collectors in their time, Philippe de Béthune and his son Hippolyte.

His passion for art and more particularly painting and drawing took root from his childhood. Thanks to the contact of her godmother Joëlle Courtiaud, painter and colorist and of her uncle André Boussion, draftsman and watercolourist, sAn gradually develops her creative spirit. 
At 10 years old, she received as a gift her first box of dry pastels which marked her entry into the search for colors. It is first of all in the observation of nature, its lights and colored variations that his desire to create, to transcribe what surrounds him is born. 

After a university training in Plastic Arts and Art History, obtaining the Master and the Capes in 2010, she teaches until 2018 while developing her pictorial practice. 
During his apprenticeship two teachers from the University of Toulouse will play a key role. Philippe Duplan will transmit precise pictorial techniques to him: perspective, techniques for composing an image, the impact of colors. Xavier Lambert will direct him towards the search for a singular plastic practice; the pictorial poetry and genesis of the work become its objects of questioning and creative meditation.


"To create is to tap into your inner chaos to try to bring out and make visible a singular universe ..." said the artist, almost paraphrasing Zao Wou-ki

Link to podcast and article  "Universe in resonance"  : HERE

Long fascinated by realistic and hyperrealist painting, sAn gradually detaches herself from figurative models to find a universe close to the abstract, where emotion and chance have a privileged place. His gestures become clearer and freer as the formats of his paintings enlarge. 
The discovery of Zao Wou-Ki's work at the Hospice Saint Roch museum in Issoudun as well as his participation in the exhibition Large formats:
  Art Grandeur Nature in Veuil in 2018, marked a turning point in his artistic practice. 
Sharing with the public becomes obvious, like the desire to devote oneself fully to painting and to expressing one's emotions.

First prize for painting at La Galerie Art et Culture d'Argenton in 2018 then awarded at the Pouzay Art Fair in the Touraine region in 2021; sAn has made itself known by fans of the Paris region thanks to regular exhibitions since 2019 at the Galerie Roz in Winter in Barbizon. Since then, she exhibits regularly in the Paris region and its region of life, work and heart. She works in the Berry countryside, her immense and intense skies are among her most intimate sources of inspiration. 
Find his works at the Café-galerie Hippolyte de Béthune from December 15, 2021 and for one month. If you want to meet the artist, the opening of the exhibition will take place on December 18 at 4 p.m.

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Article published in "La Nouvelle République" Indre, Municipality of Chabris, Villa Stivalis,

July 5, 2021.  


The first visitor to sAn was Fred Palazi, restaurateur in Poulaines 

© Photo NR

SAN, a resident of Poulaines, is an artist-painter, moved to Villa Stivalis yesterday, or more precisely, she installed her works. The one who studied visual arts at the University of Toulouse exhibits until July 11. "I have been painting for a long time, but it is not long since I accepted to show my work", she confides. Her acrylic work is inspired by her internal vision of the world around her, a dreamlike vision that can suggest a plant and aquatic world: “I am passionate, close to the abstract, in the fringes of the fantastic. "

"My thing is color"


Roundness and softness broken by the strength of the colors. “I like to use complementary colors. Then, I work between mastering the gesture and letting go, ”explains SAN. She presents a series called Echo, on sheet music of old music, on which are pencil drawings. "I don't read music, but I have fun adding notes which is not lost on specialists," she smiles. Tentacles, giant musical notes, waves, movements, a way for her to draw her feelings from the music. "The name of the series is the echo between two artistic worlds, music and painting", concludes the artist.

“Echo”, until July 11 at Villa Stivalis. The artist will also exhibit at Poulaines on July 31, at Barbizon in August and at Valençay in September.

Article written by Brigitte OSVATH, Correspondent for La Nouvelle République - Indre.

Interview paru dans "C de L'Art" Magazine n°8, décembre 2018 

sAn 1.jpg
sAn 2.jpg
Heavenly Blue.jpg
sAn 3.jpg

St Marcel

Extract and photo credit of the New Republic,

October 12, 2018

The fifteenth exhibition of the Art and Culture association opens its doors today. To see on weekends, until October 21


"  This year, the association welcomes eight hundred works. They are presented by sixty artists from all over France. We also note the participation of Dutch, Ukrainian, Canadian and Malagasy artists.  »Gérard Alexeef did not forget to associate with this new success, his two collaborators, Françoise Lutier and Lucienne Aubrun.
“This important and prestigious trade fair is an additional asset for our municipality
  », Underlined Jean-Paul Arnaud, mayor of Saint-Marcel. He took part in the show's awards ceremony, as did Jocelyne Giraud, departmental councilor, and Vincent Millan, president of the Éguzon community of municipalities.  - Argenton  - Valley of the Creuse.
The laureats. Municipality of Saint-Marcel Prize
  : Émilie Van Herreweghe 
Saint-Marcel Festival Society Prize  : Miss San.
Sculpture Prize
  : Monique Touron 
President's Prize for Art and Culture  : Christine Fontenelle and Agnès Boisseaux.
Exhibition, 4, place de l'Eglise, in Saint-Marcel, open to the public until the 21st

Photo NR


Extract and photo credit of the New Republic,

July 11, 2018


"Bernard Blaise, a wire mesh sculptor from Eure-et-Loir, Gregory Cortecero, a painter, specialist in sumi-e (Chinese art) from Indre-et-Loire and sAn, a budding painter living in Indre, said yes to the Veuil art size nature association in order to showcase their works in the streets of the village and in the Saint-Pierre church, as part of the 12th edition of its contemporary art exhibition.
During the inauguration, last Friday, the three artists presented themselves to the public who appreciated, in particular, the pompoms of Bernard Blaise, such as flowers scattered on the lawn, the delicacy of execution of the characters of Grégory Cortecero and the canvas. over 5
  meters in height of sAn "


Extract and photo credit of the New Republic,

July 31, 2018

A thousand candles on August 1st in Veuil

"The works of the sculptor Bernard Blaise, the painter Grégory Cortecero and the young artist sAn, are installed in the streets of the village. They will obviously constitute the great attraction of the traditional candlelight evening offered tomorrow, Wednesday 1st  August, by Veuil Art life-size. "

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